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La caverne à Steve



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With is textured surface that resembles the rough skin of a pineapple which implies a playful or tropical aesthetic. This type of pot can be used to hold a variety of different plants, such as succulents, cacti, or tropical plants and it could also be used as a decorative object.
It is also a great addition to any room, particularly to those with a more casual or laid-back design style, like a sunroom, a greenhouse or a patio.
It may also be used as a planter to adorn a pineapple farm, or a pineapple themed restaurant, this gives a unique touch to the decoration.

Please note that all of our bioplastic products are made for indoor use, especially the black colored products.

All our planters come with the saucers of the same style!!!

4"(Small) 6"(Medium) and 8"(Large). (Sizes may vary depending on the pot/planter shape.)


Bioplastic! (PLA)

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